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Are you interested in developing a visionary project, a new organisation, a new product or service? Talk to us today about how we can support you. We bring in 20 years of international experience in education, research, design and development. We believe that problems cannot be solved with the same consciousness that created them. We therefore approach every engagement with an open mind. We listen. We learn. We use co-creative methodologies. We are inspired by new paradigm approaches, systemic solutions and worldwide next practice. 

Our Passion


Our passion concerns new approaches to education — “education for the future”. Accordingly, we develop new designs and re-designs of educational institutions, educational reform projects, inspiring corporate training programmes, etc. We also design new types of communities —"communities for the future” — such as educational hubs, labs, future houses, community centres, ecovillages, green neighbourhoods, transition towns. We bring future friendly education  to communities. We care about next generation learning villages, learning cities and learning regions based on lifelong, lifewide and lifedeep paradigms of holistic education.

Why Us?

Our organisation does not just advise others to follow holistic principles. Our organisation itself is built according to these principles. We don’t have departments that create one-sided solutions. Instead, we integrate different functions of a research institute, a think-do tank, an incubator, a design studio, a project development consultancy, a prototyping facility, a lab. We love to do things in new, integrative ways. This is what enables us to generate holistic, systemic, visionary, long-term solutions for our clients.

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